ppt powerpoint templates free download

How to Add Videos and URLs to PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is the world’s most reputed and widely used software package designed by Microsoft. It helps you create electronic presentations to spread your word. There’re a number of ways you can deck your presentations. In this blog post, we’re going to let know how one can add videos or urls to PowerPoint presentations. If you are new to PowerPoint, you can save a lot of time by going with template option. You can Google ‘’ppt powerpoint templates free download’’ to get a wide range of free templates.

ppt powerpoint templates free download

Adding links to PowerPoint Presentation

If you want to add links/urls to your digital presentation, no fuss it’s super simple and easy. You just need to place the cursor in the text area and then tick the ‘Hyperlink’’ button on the ‘’Insert tab.’’  You can choose to link to a file on your computer, a webpage, an email address, or even another slide in your presentation. Links can be helpful especially when you’re distributing the presentation and want audience to be able to send you an email or view related webpages.

Adding Videos to PowerPoint Presentation

You can easily add video content to your PowerPoint slides. Any video file you see fit for your presentation can add value to your slides. The video will play automatically when the slide appears. To add video to slides, click the ‘’Video’’ button in the ‘’Insert’’ tab. Now you’ll be able to choose video file from your computer. You can also embed YouTube videos, but it’s not as straightforward as you think.

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