Disadvantages of Playing Games Online

Disadvantages of Playing Games Online

Online Games are the best source of refreshment and entertainment. Video games are regarded as pastime tasks. These games are meant for both kids and adults. Online games vary widely in genre and types. Depending on the gameplay, the gaming techniques and tools are also different for every online game. Players can enjoy the online games along with A1 screen visuals such as the Lottery Heroes game.

Disadvantages of Playing Games Online

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There is no doubt that video games have a wide and massive network of users worldwide, but the other side of the picture should not be ignored. The disadvantages of online gaming are many more. The drawbacks of online gaming are always taken for granted; that is a big danger in itself. Players may encounter many problems while playing an online game, but most of them always give a cold-shoulder in this regard. Even scientific and social researchers have declared online gaming as an obnoxious addiction. Here is a thorough discussion is provided about the disadvantages of video gaming. Check out the harms of online gaming as elaborated below.

1.Gaming Addiction

Online games, when excessively played, will be unfavorable for the players. According to World Health Organization, gaming addiction is a mental disorder. Gaming addiction will minimize the social interactions of players with the real world. As a result, online gaming is a threat in itself.

2.Online Scams and Heists

Security issues are always ahead in online gaming. Fraud and heists are the most common problems for gamers. Hackers may hack players’ personal info like credit card details, ATM password, and private data secretly. Consequently, the hackers can use the personal details of players for blackmailing, etc.

3.Cyber Bullying

Online games could create massive harm to gamers through cyberbullying. The opponent players will steal the personal information of another player to bully them. It may cause arousal in crimes or thefts. Privacy problems in the online gaming community have become another major issue in dire need to be solved.

4.In-game Purchases

Many video games show up for free to the players, but it is not always true. Because some online games have hidden charges and in-game purchases which need to be paid online to play the game thus, using a lot of money in online games will make the players bankrupt and cause a lack of money.

5.Health Issues

Video gaming will be health hazardous if played carelessly. Imposing serious mental and physical health issues, online games are needed to be checked out. The major health issues include insomnia, vision problems as myopia, lethargy, and mental sickness.


Online gaming is a leisure activity for amusement and fun probably. Anyone can play mega million online either online or offline. The influence of online games cannot be overlooked.  According to an analysis, more than 2 billion people play video games online. Thus, the online gaming community is spreading widely around the globe.

Online games should be played carefully. As video games are the better means of enjoyment in their spare time, they should be vigilant while playing games online. Always remember the cons of games. Some disadvantages of online gaming are given here. Have a look at the details mentioned above.