What are custom Android ROMs and Should You Try One?

What are custom Android ROMs and Should You Try One?

If you are reading this, I hope that you know a little bit about Android being an open source software based on Linux kernel. Being open source means that anyone can use or even modify the code for Android. Phone manufacturers do modify and use the code to run their own versions of Android for their smartphones. In addition to mobile phone manufacturers, many other programmers and enthusiasts modify the code and release it for different mobile models. These are called custom Android ROMs. Following are some points to consider when deciding about custom ROMs for your mobile.

  1. Stock vs. Custom ROMs

The Android with the customizations and software installed by your smartphone manufacturer is known as stock ROM. Stock ROMs often have a lot of software that you might think as unnecessary. This is often known as bloatware. On the other hand, custom ROMs often have less bloatware and offer plainer versions of the Android.

What are custom Android ROMs and Should You Try One?

  1. Warranty

When considering using custom Android ROMs, beware that it will certainly void any warranty by your manufacturer. Only use custom ROM if you are not concerned about warranty.

  1. Use The Right ROM

You cannot install a custom ROM built for another model, even if there is a slight difference. Even if your phone has sub-models, you should make sure that you have the right ROM before using it.

  1. Install Recovery Program

The program used to install ROMs is called a recovery program, like TWRP. But this program offers much more than just installing a custom ROM. You can use it to back up your current stock ROM and restore it in the future.

  1. Installing Programs on Custom ROM

You can install any program on your mobile when you are using custom Android ROM. But beware that many programs do not work very smoothly on custom ROMs. If the programs you want to use do not work smoothly on your custom ROM, you can restore the stock ROM – if you did make a backup of it.