Beware of These Tech Trends of 2018 That Might Influence Your Life

Beware of These Tech Trends of 2018 That Might Influence Your Life

Technology is getting advanced very quickly, whether we keep up with it or not. And the best way to keep up with technology, and knowing its outcomes for us, is to know what to expect before it actually happens. Following are the tech trends of 2018 that might affect your life.

Beware of These Tech Trends of 2018 That Might Influence Your Life

  1. The Risk of Security Breaches Will Be Even Higher

2017 has seen many security breaches and many notable and resourced services lost their user’s data to hackers. In 2018, the risk does not seem to become any lower. In fact, with more people using such services, the risk is expected to grow. To safeguard yourself, have some basic knowledge of security. Here are a couple of things to do. Do not rely on companies, big or small, to keep your data safe. Say no to the device and services that track everything about your life. And do not use the same password on multiple websites or services, especially if they are critical services like your email or bank account. Instead, create and store secure and unique passwords with a password manager like LastPass and Dashlane.

  1. Beware of AI and Advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many applications, and advertising is one of them. Advertising can be used to influence you. And the danger is that you might not even realize it. To safeguard yourself against this tech trend of 2018, have some basic information about the ways people try to influence you through ads on the internet.

  1. Augmented Reality Will Gain Momentum

Augmented reality mixes your digital world with the real world you live in. This technology is expected to gain momentum, according to the tech trends of 2018. Pokémon Go has already proved that this idea is feasible, and now more companies are working on it. Recently, a startup Magic Leap raised $1.9 billion to make lightweight wearable computers with augmented reality.

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