Best Fun Android Apps to Cheer Your Up

Best Fun Android Apps to Cheer Your Up

Of course, we are very busy all the time. Work, home, and even checking Facebook updates has become something we must do on a daily basis. But sometimes, we do need a break and do something without an agenda – purely for fun. Following are the best fun Android apps that will cheer you up.

  1. Wakie

Talking about something with a like-minded stranger can be quite interesting – very interesting indeed. There are millions of Android apps, but Wakie has quite a different idea. You create a topic and you will receive a call from a stranger to discuss that topic.

Best Fun Android Apps to Cheer Your Up

  1. 9GAG

9GAG gives you the daily dose of funny content. The funny content can be pictures, GIFs, or videos. Sometimes, you find the comments funnier than the actual content while sometimes you come across content that is thought-provoking. It is considered one of the best fun Android apps with great content and an enthusiastic community.

  1. FaceApp

Face app applies most interesting effects to your face picture. It can make you young, old, fat, or slim. According to Google Play Store, it is one of the best face effect apps of 2017.

  1. Crack My Screen

This prank app can shock your friends if you are clever enough to take their mobile for a while and install Crack My Screen app. Its effect is quite real and you can easily convince your friend that the screen of his or her latest and beloved mobile is actually broken.

  1. Chwazi Finger Chooser

When sitting with a few friends, it often happens that you have to choose one person to do a pleasant, but often unpleasant, task. This is the modern draw-like fun Android app where every one of you places a finger on the screen and the app chooses a finger randomly. No one can complain!