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10 Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Automatic Garage doors make our daily life less tedious by automatically opening the garage door, saving us time and energy. But people take this stuff for granted and forget about its maintenance and then have to pay a hefty amount for its repair. Here are 10 tips for seasonal garage door maintenance:

Garage Door Repair Independence, Molalla

      • Inspection of Door Operation: Look carefully when the door is in movement. See if is noisy garage door
      • Check the Tracks: Use a level to check if the track is perfectly vertical. Check the side of the door if there is rust is forming there or any other debris is there.
      • Tighten Loose Bolts: A garage door opens and closes more than a hundreds of times in a month, so eventually its bolts loosen up by this movement.
      • Change the springs: At Least every year the spring which is at the edge of the garage door should be checked and there should be a garage door spring replacement every four to five years.
      • Inspect Cables and Pulley: The garage door cables and pulleys should be properly checked, if there is any sign of cables wearing out or if there is any broken strand of the cable, it is advised to call in for a garage door repairĀ Independence or garage door repairĀ Molalla to deal with it.

  • Lubrication of every moving part: In order to make the garage door operate properly the homeowner should lubricate every moving part of the garage door so that it works smoothly.
  • Check Door Balance: Check if the garage door is perfectly balanced. If the door is not balanced properly it will have a bad effect on the door and is much likely to wear out.
  • Inspect Auto-reverse: Auto reverse is a feature in every automated garage door, that if it touches or detects anything in its way when it is being closed it stops and goes back where it was. Testing this feature is very important and in case of any malfunction consults a technician as soon as possible.
  • Change Weather-stripping: Weather-stripping rubber does not let water, dust or dirt in the garage. Check it thrice a year and replace if it proves to be ineffective.
  • Paint the Door: Painting the door every year gives it a fresh look and makes it more water and dust resistant.

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