Garage Door Repair Stayton, Hood River

10 Garage Door Safety Measures

Garage Door Repair Stayton, Hood River

    1. Educate children: we should educate our children that the garage door is not a toy and whenever it is in operation, they should stand clear to avoid getting injured. It might seem to be a fun idea to ride the garage door while it opens but don’t even try doing it or else the results might be very fatal.
    2. Monthly Inspection: A quick visual check can save you tons. This helps you acknowledge that if the garage door works properly or does it need anything or something to be replaced. Also, this helps you to decide whether you can handle the problem by yourself or you need to call in a Garage Door Service.
    3. Open the Garage before Starting your Car: it may sound very obvious, but often people in a hurry forget to open the garage door or open it a little late which results in a collision of car and garage door.
    4. Never leave garage door in the Car: Never leave the garage door unattended over a long period of time in the car, a burglar might take this opportunity and steal the garage door remote from the car and then rob your house.
    5. Watch your Fingers: Every year more than 150 people’s fingers get caught between the rollers and the track which in severe cases leads to amputation. Everyone should be very careful while the garage door is closing.
    6. Pinches and Crushes: Some garage doors have sections and joints; it is better to keep a distance when the door is in operation to prevent injury.
    7. Don’t leave the door open: People usually keep the garage door slightly open so that cool breeze from outside can come in but often to close it back. Always doublecheck if the door is closed or not.

  1. Safety Feature: Always properly check the safety feature to prevent an injury.
  2. Vacation mode: Unplug or put the garage door on vacation mode before leaving.
  3. DIY Doers: In order to save some cash, people search for DIY tutorials to repair or install the garage doors by themselves. Call a local garage door repair or installation service to get the work properly done as there is always a risk of injury if you are not really familiar with the specifics. In Stayton and Hood River call a professional for them at affordable rates.

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